“My husband wanted a desk made out of mesquite, something rugged and native that would honor his Texas heritage. We had no idea that what we’d end up with was a piece of art. Mark turned firewood into something that seems lit up from within. We’ve totally rearranged our front room to make it the focal point, which it deserves to be.”  ~ Holly Wimberley

“The chair is absolutely perfect. I'm writing a chapter right now and it's like being wrapped in the embrace of a muse. Words flowing like a river of ticker tape.”  ~ Chris Cander (novelist)

“I just wanted to let you know that working with you has been a fantastic pleasure.  As a fellow craftsman, you created for me a watchmaker's workbench that is truly a one of a kind work of art.  Each time I sit down to work on a timepiece, I surround myself with elegant beauty, style and function.  Mark is passionate about is work and truly cares about his customer and his creation.  I look forward to working with you in the future!”    ~ David Douglas, CW21

“This is a good opportunity to tell you how much we love and admire the table you made for us.  The wood, the proportions, and the finished table are perfect!   At breakfast, lunch, dinner, or bill paying time,  I love sitting, eating, or working there.  It's a beautiful--and functional--piece of art that we are enjoying every day.  Thank you for this treasure.”    ~ John and Linda Krueger

“Mark really listened to what our needs and desires were for these benches.  He designed and created an extremely high quality product that we were delighted with.  From concept to finish product, Mark was wonderful to work with and even went above and beyond.”     ~  Sonya Sawin and Krista Carver, SRS Designs

“The classic Arts and Crafts Morris Chair Mark built for us symbolizes the very best of comfort, design, and craftsmanship.  He brings out the unique color and grain of the carefully selected wood as he transforms raw material into a livable work of art.  In the very best tradition of the Arts and Crafts movement, his furniture expresses the way the woods are joined together.  Because of the inherent integrity of the craftsmanship design, Mark’s furniture compliments both contemporary and traditional interiors.  As an architect I admire the way Mark elevates woodworking into a form of architectural expression  – each of his pieces are handcrafted expressions of function, structure, and delight.”     ~ Trey Hailey (Principal, Hailey / Johnson Architects)

“We wanted to let you know how happy we are with the furniture you have made fur us over the years - the dining room table, coffee table, and stools.  Your care and experience really show.  All our designs are constructed superbly and are holding up well.  We have received many compliments on your work.  Thanks again for all you’ve done, your work keeps getting better and better.”     ~  John Taliaferro and Malou Flato

"I absolutely love my furniture that Mark made. They are so beautiful and comforting me every day. They delight my days. I'll treasure those pieces of furniture ... actually they are more than just furniture but art. And they will be gorgeous antiques 100 years later. They will be inherited in my family. Thank you so much Mark, for your great work! I'm sure I'll ask more furniture for me in the future."     ~  Miho Ogishima

“Mark is a bear of a man but has a gentleness and passion that many are not expecting when they first meet him.  Mark is an artist.  However, Mark does not work with canvas and paints but rather wood.  Mark is a furniture maker and to call his furniture anything less than art would not be doing it justice.  If you plan to buy any furniture from large pieces to small whether as a gift or for yourself I invite you to give him a look - you will not be disappointed.  The pieces he will craft for you will be in use for generations.”     ~  Doug Hurst

“Mark is one of the most gifted craftsmen I have ever known.  He shows great attention to detail while at the same time keeping the whole piece in perspective.  He has a great eye for design and a great sense for structural integrity.  He’s also just a great guy.”     ~ Michael Colca

“Your work is amazing!  We'd love to work with you in the future.  You are so good!”     ~ Malou Flato

“The tables are fantastic, we get compliments on them all the time.  Well designed, perfectly crafted, thanks so much!”     ~ Todd and Kim Garza
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