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Buying a piece of custom furniture from me is not as complicated as you might think.  In fact, I bet you’ll find the experience a lot of fun.  Here’s what to expect:

  1. Call or email me (512.963.4134, mark@marklovefurniture.com).  It doesn’t matter when or what time of day, I’m always happy to talk if I’m not busy with some one else.  And it doesn’t matter how ‘developed’ your idea is at this point, even if it’s just “I want a custom table but I don’t really know any more than that.”  We’ll talk it through together, I’ll help you figure out what questions you need to be asking. 

  2. Once I get a general idea of what you are looking for, I can give you a very rough idea of what it might cost and how many days it might take to make, usually right there on the phone or in the initial email.  If either of these numbers seem too large for you right now, then no harm done, and I might be able to recommend another source for what you’re after.  But if you are comfortable with these estimates, we can then move together to the design process, out of which will come a detailed design, solid price quote, and a close time estimate.  At this point I will ask for a fee of $250 which will be put toward the price of your finished piece should you decide to order. 

  3. The design process is interactive and can often take time.  My first step is to get a sense of your aesthetic, of what you find beautiful.  I will want to visit your location if possible, or if not I will ask for several pictures of the space where your piece will be, from many different angles.  I also ask for pictures of other furniture you like, or even pictures of art and architecture that you find meaningful.  The idea is to understand you, to learn about the things you find beautiful, so I can design something just for you.  This is what ‘custom designed’ is all about.  I will also work with you to figure out exact dimensions and specifications for the piece you want, i.e. number and sizes of drawers, etc.

  4. Once I have all this information, I will begin imagining your piece.  As in all creative endeavors, sometimes the ideas come very quickly and sometimes they take more time.  When I get something that seems like a good first draft I will send you 3d images and get your reaction, and based on what you say I will either make changes or start all over.  Everything us up for grabs at this point, wood colors, shapes and sizes, proportions, it’s all subject to change.  The good news for you is that you don’t need to do anything but react to what I present you.  The burden of ideas is mostly on me, this is what you’re hiring me for.  Often this process will go back and forth four or five times before we get it right.

  5. Once it looks right, once I hear you say “Yes! That’s it!,” I will produce detailed, dimensioned drawings, a solid price quote including tax and delivery, and a good faith time estimate.  These will be given to you as a contract that we both sign, and at this point you can still chose to proceed or to walk away.  If you proceed I will ask for half of the price of the piece before beginning construction, which might not be right away, depending on my backlog of work.

  6. As I craft your piece I will send you updates and pictures, and you are welcome to visit the studio any time to check on progress. 

  7. Once your piece is finished we will arrange for delivery and installation.  There will be no assembly or cleanup required on your part, all of my furniture is delivered and installed ready-to-use.  Upon delivery, and your satisfaction, I will ask for the balance of the price.  I will answer any questions about usage and care, and remind you of my lifetime guarantee

That’s it!  It really is a lot of fun!

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

~ William Morris

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