I’ve been designing and crafting wood furniture for most of my life.  It is one of the most satisfying things a person can do.  I can’t recommend it more highly, as a job or as a hobby. 

I spent my early childhood in Baton Rouge while my father worked on a doctorate degree at LSU.  My grandfather, who lived down the road, was a highly skilled craftsman.  I think he passed his interest and talent on to me in the time we spent together.  Later I moved with my family to west Houston where I spent my teenage years.  The suburbs were never a good fit for me. I always dreamed of a time when I’d have more space to work and fewer pressures to conform. 

After completing two degrees in theology in 1994, I decided to follow my childhood love and pursue woodworking as a career.  I soon landed an apprenticeship with Michael Colca.  In the seven years I worked with Michael, I learned a great deal about precision machinery, structural integrity, old world joinery, wood properties and behavior, and the principles of good design.  By the end of my time there in 2001, I was producing museum quality pieces from drawing board to delivery.

Now I’m in my own shop, which is a great joy.  My mission is to make simply designed furniture of unsurpassed quality.  I take great pride in knowing that my work will last several generations, and will only get more beautiful with time.  I’ve lived in the Austin area since 1991.  I now live on some acreage near Wimberley with my wife Stephanie and our two kids, Julia and Miles.  I’m proud to say I built our house as well as my studio, with the help of some very good friends.

“No stream rises higher than its source. What ever man might build could never express or reflect more than he was.”

~ Frank Lloyd Wright

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